Keynote Speakers

Donata Columbro

Donata Columbro

Donata Columbro is a journalist, data-educator and writer. Thanks to her accessible and inclusive way of educating and spreading culture about data she has been defined a “Data Humanizer”. Donata writes for the Italian magazines “L’Essenziale”, “Uppa” and for the Italian newspaper “La Stampa” in a weekly column called “DataStories”. She teaches Data Visualization at IULM University in Milan and holds a Data Humanism course at Scuola Holden. She is lecturer in Data Journalism at the Master in Journalism and Mass Communication in Turin. On a weekly bases she writes a newsletter about data, algorithms and technology. Her latest published books are Ti Spiego il Dato (Quinto Quarto 2021) e Dentro l’Algoritmo (effequ 2022) – so far only in Italian.

Krista Harper

Krista Harper is Professor  at the Department of Anthropology and the School of Public Policy. She uses ethnographic, qualitative, and participatory action research methods to study mobilizations around the environment, urban infrastructure, food justice, and placemaking, carrying out ethnographic research in Hungary, Portugal, and the United States.  Her latest projects focus on cultural transformation and social justice issues related to the transition to a renewable energy system. 

She is author of  many  volumes, amongst them Food Values in Europe (Siniscalchi and Harper, 2019) and The Anthropology of Postindustrialism: Ethnographies of Disconnection (Vaccaro, Harper, and Murray, 2016) in which she explores how people articulate social values in response to challenges in their daily lives and livelihoods . She has published two related books, Participatory Visual and Digital Methods (with Prof. Aline Gubrium, Routledge, 2013) and edited volume Participatory Visual and Digital Research in Action (with co-editors Aline Gubrium and Marty Otañez, Routledge, 2015).

Oriana Persico

Cyber-ecologist and artist, since 2006 Oriana has teamed up with Salvatore Iaconesi – artist, partner and symbiont of her life who passed away on 18 July 2022 – to form the international duo AOS – Art is Open Source. Together they create artworks and performances exploring the relationship between humans, technology and data exhibited worldwide, contributing to the scientific community by teaching, publishing articles, and participating in conferences and symposia. In 2013 they founded the HER research centre, experimenting with art and science formats in which data and computation are cultural, psychological, social and existential phenomena that make us sensitive to complexity. In 2019, with the Art works IAQOS and OBIETTIVO, the concepts of Community AI and Datapoiesis, respectively, were born, opening the season of the Nuovo Abitare (New Living): a movement of practice, thought and imagination in which data and computation are at the centre of new social rituals.

Annabelle Pollen

Annebella Pollen

Annebella Pollen is Professor of Visual and Material Culture at University of Brighton, UK, where she researches undervalued archives and untold stories in art and design history. Her books include Mass Photography: Collective Histories of Everyday Life (2015), The Kindred of the Kibbo Kift: Intellectual Barbarians (2015, with accompanying exhibition at Whitechapel Gallery, London) and Nudism in a Cold Climate: The Visual Culture of Naturists in Mid-20th-Century Britain (2021).

Annebella has two new books coming out in 2023: More than a Snapshot: A Visual History of Photo Wallets, which examines popular photography’s print ephemera, and Art without Frontiers, a commissioned history of the British Council’s art collection and its use in international cultural diplomacy since 1935.

A Tribute to Luigi Pagliarini

Giorgio Cipolletta

Giorgio Cipolletta is a transdisciplinary artist and scholar of digital culture and new media aesthetics. In 2012 he received his PhD in Information and Communication Theory. For seven years he has been an adjunct professor for the Photography and New Visual Technologies at the University of Macerata. In 2011 he was visiting student at ZKM, Center for Art and Media Technologies in Karlsruhe. He is a member of the editorial staff of Noema / Mediaversi / Riviste di Scienze Sociali / Arshake. He has published in several academic journals such as Flusser Studies, Heteroglossia and Futuri. His first book is Passages metrocorporei. Per un’estetica della transizione, eum, Macerata 2014. He is also a member of the scientific committee of art*- science and Poetry and Narrative for eum (Macerata University Press). He won many international poetry awards. He has also participated in numerous national exhibitions with multimedia installations and performances (Corpus 2012; Chaos 2013; Bookquake 2017; Suoni dal sisma. Paesaggi sonori; / Hybridisms / ClimaX, 2018, Rendere a vuoto, 2019). He is currently an adjunct professor at the University of Macerata (Lab of Photography and Visual Art), at Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata (Sociology of New Media, History of Television and Show) and at the ISIA of Design in Pescara (Multimedia Languages).

Fabio Perletta

Fabio Perletta is a sound artist living and working in Italy. His work encompasses recorded compositions, performances, site-specific installations, text scores, online projects and participative actions, appearing worldwide at festivals, galleries and art spaces in Italy, Japan, USA, France, UK, Spain, Colombia, Tunisia and Norway. Perletta’s solo and collaborative recordings are documented on LINE, Dragon’s Eye Recordings, Superpang, aufabwegen, Dinzu Artefacts and his own imprint 901 Editions. Founded in 2008, his label has since released more than 50 sound art and experimental music editions by international artists. In 2014, he co-founded Mote Studio in Berlin with artist Davide Luciani; the studio is both an art and design collective, production and publishing platform forging dialogues between sound and vision. He is currently a professor of sound design at ISIA in Pescara, Italy.

(A Tribute to) Luigi Pagliarini

Luigi Pagliarini (Pescara 10.08.1963 – Pescara 30.03.2023), visionary artist engaged since the early 90s in Software Art, Robot Art and AI based Art.

He dedicated his life to art and teaching.

He was professor of Theory of Perception and Psychology of Form, Semantics of Bodies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata, and Innovation Design at the ISIA Design Institute of Pescara as well as Consultant Professor at the Playware of the Danish Technical University.

In the past, he has collaborated on various projects with companies such as the LEGO Group, SONY, Real World Records, etc. Among others, he was Founder and Director of the Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting; Art Director of Ecoteca; Curator of the Robo[art] section of the Robotsatplay Festival; Founder and Member of the International Committee of RoboCup Junior.

He has collaborated with various Institutes (MIT Medialab in Boston, the Mechatronics Department of the Maersk Institute in Odense, the Department of Psychology in Rome, St. Andrews, Academy of Fine Arts in Roma, Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, etc.), both as researcher and teacher and – as consultant – with various companies, industries and multinationals.

He was a member of the Editorial Committee of the “Journal of Artificial Life and Robotics”, and of the “Journal of Art Psychology”. He has published books, magazines, webzines, on international congress and conference proceedings. He received artistic and academic honors and awarded international prizes, more than once. He has exhibited in several museums and institutional places around the world